We think timber framing is the best way to do that.  Our frames create beautiful, open spaces that last for centuries and they support high-performance building envelopes that minimize heating and cooling costs.


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You only get one chance to give a building soul.  We think timber framing is the best way to do that. 

We design and engineer most of the homes we build.  We also work well with other architects.  For each new home we build, we prepare an accurate estimate of overall construction costs and a detailed project schedule and we use those tools to guide the construction process.  Our carpenters are skilled craftsmen and our homes often include custom trim, cabinets and doors milled from the reclaimed timber that was used to cut the frame.

In addition to raising timber frames and trusses throughout the Rocky Mountainswe build one or two turn-­key homes each year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Teton Valley, Idaho.  

We take a very long view of what we do and build at Teton Timberframe. We design all of our buildings to last for generations. We design them to use renewable energy and as little of that as possible. We carefully consider the sources of our forest resources and what their highest and best use is. We hire good, local craftsmen, treat them with respect and encourage them to pursue their passions outside of work. In this way we try to balance multiple bottom lines including profitability, social responsibility and environmental stewardship.