Green Building Capabilities


The term "green building" gets tossed around pretty frequently, so we feel it's important to define what we mean by green building. 

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How to Make Your Building as Environmentally Friendly as Possible

Beauty & Comfort


If a structure isn't aesthetically pleasing or comfortable, it will get torn down. That's why the first principle of green building is designing structures to be both beautiful to look at and comfortable to live or work in. Without these considerations, no building will stand the test of time and all of the materials used will go to waste. 

Consider Insulation Options


You have many options for insulating a building to make it energy efficient. Below you'll see several options. We think this is an important decision, and an opportunity to choose more earth-friendly options. 

Material Choices


When it comes to deciding on the the building materials you'll use, there are many options to consider. However, the makeup of those materials have a big impact on your health and air quality. Similarly, some materials aren't nearly as durable as others...

Knowing Your Green Building Options

Straw Bale Walls


When you insulate your home, there are a number of choices for the materials you can use. We think using clay straw walls is one of the most environmentally friendly method available because..

SITS (Structural Insulated Panels)


Information about why these are great...

Sourcing Timber


When you're choosing the timber for your building, you have a number of options. 



We became EcoNest certified in 2007 and built the very first EcoNest home in Wyoming in 2009. EcoNest homes must follow a strict set of building practices, material sourcing, and energy efficient design including:

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you build a energy efficient home? Why would you do that?

There are many factors to consider when building an energy efficient home, but primarily it's all about good design and engineering, and thoughtful decisions about your building materials. 

What do you mean by a "natural building?"

When you choose materials that aren't harmful to the earth, you can build a space that...

What are my options for enclosing my timber frame? 

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What are the drawbacks of EcoNest homes?

I'm worried about the integrity of the structure over the long term. What should I know?

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