Our History


TTF founder Bryce Broughton started building timberframes when he was 14, helping his dad who built and sold post and beam homes beginning in the early 1980’s. When the family moved out west in 1994 Bryce took over the timberframing business and started Teton Timberframe. He was a gifted businessman and a creative entrepreneur. Bryce had an eye for perfection and a strong environmental ethic which led him to craft timber frames from recycled materials. Despite the expense of using recycled/reclaimed timbers, he made it work for the business and his clients.

Although Bryce, who died in 2007, is sorely missed we know he’s with the business in spirit. His best wish would be that more customers would go the extra step to build environmentally conscious and energy efficient homes. The extra expense up front pays off in the long pull.

Today our focus is on building high­ performance homes using the age old tradition of timberframing complimented with natural and reclaimed materials and the best practices of modern building science. Our other interests include public and commercial buildings; Timberframe Guild projects; craftsman­-style cabinets, millwork and gazebos and anything else our clients can dream up.