Who We Are

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We are a team of designers, engineers, craftsmen and outdoor enthusiasts. We care about our community, our clients and the ecology of our region. When we’re not pursuing innovative ways to build with heavy timber you can find us hiking, skiing, riding, hunting and fishing in the Teton back-country.



We take a very long view of what we do and build at Teton Timberframe.

  • We design all of our buildings to last for generations.

  • We design them to use renewable energy and as little of that as possible.

  • We carefully consider the sources of our forest resources and what their highest and best use is.

  • We hire great craftsmen, treat them with respect and encourage them to pursue their passions outside of work.

In this way we try to balance multiple bottom lines including profitability, social responsibility and environmental stewardship. 



Adam Riley Owner, Builder

Adam was born and raised in New Hampshire, got his civil engineering degree from the University of Vermont in 1994 and moved to Jackson Hole to climb and ski and build beautiful homes. In 2005 Adam and his wife Christina moved to Teton Valley, Idaho to live the good life and build timber frame homes with company founder Bryce Broughton. Adam knows a bit about residential design, construction management, playing rugby and backcountry skiing. When he isn’t working, Adam is most likely playing in the hills with Christina, their son Damien and their three big huskies.

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Mike Cyr Timber Framer, Father

Mike moved to Teton Valley in 1990 to pursue a life of skiing, biking, fishing, hunting and travel. In Mike’s early days here work was hard to come by, but powder days were a dime a dozen. To survive financially, he tended bar in the winter at the ski resort and in the summer felt lucky if he had 3 or 4 months of work as a carpenter’s helper. By his second summer he had been introduced to timber framing through a Tedd Benson book he was given as a gift, and he has been passionate about it ever since. With no timber frame job opportunities in the area at the time, Mike taught himself some basics by building a sauna and small cabin. Eventually Teton Timberframe emerged and now Mike gets to do the work he loves in the place he loves.


Walter Neuhaus Timber Framer

Having been raised in a military family that moved frequently, Walter got bitten by the travel bug early on, and the urge to explore new places has only grown stronger. When Walter isn’t cutting timbers, he’s likely traveling with his wife, Anne, and kids. San Francisco, Italy, and Spain are some of his favorite destinations. With 25 year of construction experience, he particularly enjoys the sense of accomplishment at the end of every day as the results are so tangible. Working with a crew that takes pride in their craft is important to him, too. When he’s not on a plane or on the job site, Walter likes to fish and ski.


Al Klagge Designer, Fisherman, Winemaker

After 30 years in the rafting trade in Jackson Hole, Al and his wife, Linda, moved to Felt, ID to build a home. This was not just any home but a fine timber frame from reclaimed fir timbers. Al cut his timber framing teeth on his own house… and it was featured in Teton Home Magazine. Ten years later, there is still some trim to finish in theirs. Meeting Adam at Teton Timberframe and taking too many “over-50 vitamins” led to a career transition from framing and cabinet work into fine home design. It was a great move. When he’s not drafting, Al is playing jazz gigs on Friday nights, fishing and making bread. Saturdays and Sundays are for wine, wife and song.

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Daniel Bishop

Daniel Bishop hails from Downeast Maine which is somewhere near Wells Beach.  He’s been a carpenter for 26 years and ran his own business for 9 of them.  A true Yankee, Dan is a man of few words; he lets his work and work ethic speak for him.  His pride in craftsmanship drew him to the TTF team where he teaches the rest of us to build things fast and right.  When he’s not building or riding his Harley, Dan’s spending quality time with his family on the farm in Tetonia.

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Todd Waller Office Manager

Todd Waller is our office manager, bookkeeper and chief proponent of Tuesday Team Lunches.  He’s a family man, a powder hound, and an IT wizard.  Todd does a remarkable job keeping track of every dollar we spend and every anniversary we celebrate.

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Rick Neier

Rick Neier led our team to build the first Econest in Wyoming in 2009.  He’s a retired alpinist, a serious whitewater canoeist (a.k.a. Beaver tamer), a fisherman and bird hunter.  Rick is currently commuting from Star Valley WY but hopes to build his forever home in Teton Valley in the next few years. 

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Caitlin Barilec Project Manager

Caitlin Barilec was born and raised in Buffalo New York.  She has a degree in civil and environmental engineering from Clarkson University and experience in commercial construction management.  While visiting Teton Valley on a cross-country road trip in the summer of 2018, she fell in love with the place and moved here a few months later.  On her first weekend here Cait helped raise the frame for the Riley’s new home and basically demanded a part time job on our crew.  She has since proven indispensable as a project manager, apprentice carpenter and herder-of-many-cats.  Cait is passionate about green building; fresh air and exercise; good food and women’s success in the construction industry.

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Tim Ryan Journeyman Carpenter

Tim Ryan spent his formative years in Goodhue, Minnesota and moved to Teton Valley in 2015 to hunt and fish and ski powder.  He likes working at TTF because of the people on our team and the quality and variety of work we do.  He’s a solid journeyman carpenter and defenseman in the local pond hockey league.  Outside of work Tim likes to ride his dirt bike and run the wild and scenic rivers around us.

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Walker Janney

Walker Janney grew up in Fredricksburg, VA.  He is probably the first person you’ve ever met with a bachelor’s degree in timber framing.  Let’s hope there are many more like him.  After three years of building custom homes in Summit County CO, Walker moved to Teton Valley with his wife Katrina to live the good life here and focus more on timber frame construction.  Walker loves hiking, camping, riding horses and modeling timber roof systems.  Ask him to see the table he built for his senior project.  You’ll be amazed.

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Nate Bowersox

Nate Bowersox hails from Traverse City, MI.  He’s a recovering restaurant manager who is passionate about carpentry and moving big, heavy things.  Nate and his fiancée are world travelers who stay at Four Seasons resorts thanks to her job as a hotel manager in Teton Village.