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Aspen House Overview

  • Location:  Tetonia, Idaho
  • Total Square Feet: 1523 plus 2 car garage, porches and patios
  • Construction Type: Hybrid timberframe with Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) foundation; Advanced stick-framed walls; cellulose interior insulation and Roxul exterior insulation
  • Date Built: 2015
  • About this house: This passive solar home is tucked away in an aspen grove on a south-facing hillside.  The owner loves her rustic cabin and her neighbors, the moose, fox, and owls of Tetonia.


Teton Views Overview

  • Location:  Teton County, Wyoming, north of Jackson
  • Total Square Feet: 4500 SF above grade with 4000 SF finished basement and 3 car garage
  • Construction Type: Fully braced timberframe in reclaimed fir, enclosed with SIPS walls and roof
  • Date Built: 2012
  • About this house: For such a large home, this one is incredibly energy efficient with a super-insulated envelope, triple-glazed windows and a water-sourced heat pump that pulls BTU's from the trout pond in the back yard.


Moosehaus Overview

  • Location:  Teton County, Wyoming, north of Jackson
  • Total Square Feet: 1000
  • Construction Type: Fully braced timberframe on an insulated concrete form (ICF) foundation, enclosed with clay-straw walls
  • Date Built: 2009
  • About this house: The first Econest in Wyoming!  This natural home was a pleasure to build and now it's a joy to occupy.


Rivendell Overview

  • Location:  Wilson, Wyoming
  • Total Square Feet: 3200 SF
  • Construction Type: Fully braced timberframe, enclosed with stick-framed walls.
  • Date Built: 2014
  • About this house: The original patina on these reclaimed fir timbers makes them beautiful and challenging to join.


Snowdrift Farmhouse Overview

  • Location: Teton Valley, south of Victor Idaho
  • Total Square Feet: 3800
  • Construction Type: Traditional timberframe from reclaimed fir, enclosed with strawbale walls 
  • Date Built: 2006
  • About this house: This is an amazing home!  Originally built off-grid it has since been tied to the grid but produces as much power as it consumes for most of the year with PV panels and a wind generator.  Copper gutters bring rain water to a large cistern and solar thermal panels heat domestic water and in-floor radiant glycol.


Game Creek Ranch Overview

  • Location:  East of Victor Idaho at the base of Teton Pass
  • Total Square Feet: 3400
  • Construction Type: Traditional timberframe from reclaimed fir, with SIPS wall and roof panel
  • Date Built: 2006
  • About this house: Super energy efficient home with triple glazed windows, in-floor radiant heat, a Tulikivi masonry heater and lots of reclaimed wood and custom millwork.