5 Details That Make A Timber Frame House Unique / by Teton Timberframe

In a world of so many cookie cutter houses, we love incorporating unique design details into the homes we design. Here are a few details that add that "special something" to a home. 

1. Hand cut joinery

While this is common in the timber frame world, these details are not common in construction in general. When we have big, exposed timbers holding up the structure of the building, we marry them with hand cut joinery. 


2. Timber Frame Entrances

We often work with homeowners who don't want to rebuild entirely, but they're ready to add a unique element to their existing home. A timber frame porch is a great way to add gorgeous design to an existing structure. 


3. Using the natural curve of the wood

Integrating the natural curves and shapes of the wood we use, like this taiko beam, is a cool way to add points of interest in your home. Not only does it get away from the straight lines and right angles of the rest of the home, but it highlights the form of the beam in the best way. 

taiko beam.jpg

4. Sweeping Staircases

Instead of a regular staircase, adding a custom timber frame spiral staircase to you home has a magnificent impact on your home. Not only does the light filter through in beautiful ways, but seeing the exposed wood of the supporting timbers is a unique touch.

curved staircase

5. Keeping all beams exposed

While most homeowners prefer to keep many of their timber frame beams exposed, one way to add extra interest to a house is to keep all of the interior beams between walls exposed, too. 

timber frame master bedroom

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